Tuesday, November 29, 2005

God Is Still Providing For All I Need

For those who like to hear stories of how God provides for our needs when we call out to Him, keep reading on.

In March, I bought a car for about $550 from someone that I know in Portland. I had to purchase it after my old car got smashed by a bad driver. A couple of months ago, this "new" car went kaput, with the water pump going out, and eventually the head gasket (or worse) following.

My doubts began to set in again, driving me to my knees, and calling on others to pray on my behalf. It appears God has heard His children and specifically answered this prayer by sending someone to purchase my busted car, as is, for $400. The car is no longer mine, but God continues to provide for me with all I need.

Please continue to pray for God's work in Salem, Oregon through the Cascade Hills Church of Christ that we can impact our community and show the love of the gospel of Christ to the world. Remember these stories and keep us in your prayers.

Monday, November 28, 2005

The Diagram of Love

While finishing up a book that I was reading by C.S. Lewis called The Four Loves, I came across a great passage. It talks about the true love God has shown and shows to all of us. In order for us to even begin to understand, we must be given examples, or as Lewis says:

"Statements about God are extrapolations from the knowledge of other things which the divine illumination enables us to know."
In other words, knowing about God and talking about God here are only human descriptions, of which our words cannot fully encompass the truth. (how's that for postmodern?)

That being said, hear how Lewis describes God's love for us.
"God, who needs nothing, loves into existence wholly superfluous creatures in order that He may love and perfect them. He creates the universe, already forseeing-or should we say 'seeing'? there are no tenses in God-the buzzing cloud of flies about the cross, the flayed back pressed against the uneven stake, the nails driven through the mesial nerves, the repeated incipient suffocation as the body droops, the repeated torture of back and arms as it is time after time, for breath's sake, hitched up. If I may dare the biological image, God is a 'host' who deliberately creates His own parasites; causes us to be that we may exploit and 'take advantage of' Him. Herein is love. This is the diagram of Love Himself, the inventor of all loves." ~ C.S.Lewis, The Four Loves

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sony Recalls CDs With Virus

You might think that after reading a headline like that that they accidentally put a virus on their CDs somewhere in the production process, or that they had gotten it through a loophole in their bonus features or something. That's not the case.

Sony BMG released 49 different albums with their "XCP copy-protection software" on it, which opened up huge holes in people's PC protection. After people complained, Sony released a "fix", but the holes got bigger and people's computers were open to virus attacks. What they don't emphasize is that the "protection software" actually IS a virus, and the worst part of it is that Sony really doesn't care all that much about its customers. They want to treat us all like criminals. It's ironic because most of the tripe they spew at us isn't even worth stealing.

I stopped listening to most popular music a long time ago, but I say everyone bans all major record labels and starts finding artists that care about making good music more than they care about getting famous and rich.

One of the articles:
Sony Recalls Copy-Protected Music CDs

Friday, November 04, 2005

What To Do With Your VCR

I found this article about things that you can do with your VCR after it completely goes out. There were a couple of really good ones, like using the timer to make an automatic cat feeder. Read the article, and get some good ideas. What else could you do with your VCR after it ceases being useful to watch movies on? (If you ask me, they're all pretty worthless to watch movies on anymore.)

VHS Lives On

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pastor Electrocuted During Baptism

If you're baptizing someone, just make sure that you don't grab for any electronic devices while in the water. This is a perfect case for wireless mics. I'm not even joking.

Texas Pastor Electrocuted During Baptism