Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Invisibility Cloak

Apparently invisibility cloaks aren't far off. They talk about Star Trek and Harry Potter, but I think the article is forgetting the most deadly use for this technology.

(click for sound effects)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New Comic Book Movie

I know what you're thinking: Another one?

But listen. This is one of my favorite characters, second only to Spider-man.

Forget Superman.

I give you...Ghost Rider.

I've even mentioned it before. This is one I really hope doesn't suck.

I'll say it again: Why, oh why, did they get Nicolas Cage?

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mitch Fewell - 1nDependence

I've got no problem with shameless plugs, especially when it comes to good music, and even moreso when it's by a friend or family member. I've done it for my uncle's mandolin music and now I'm going to do it for a friend of mine.

Mitch Fewell is a guy I met while running sound for Rescue (also working on a new album...shameless plug for them to come). I knew I liked him the second I met him. He's got a heart for God and an ear for sweet a cappella music (I know I'm a nerd. I just don't care) and he has just finished recording a 7 song album and has it for sale on his website. If you listen to the audio clips, I'm sure you'll agree that he's produced an awesome project worth having in your collection. Go now and support independent artists, starting with this album (and my uncle's).

Mitch Fewell - 1nDependence

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Soda Sales in Schools

Say that five times fast.

I've seen several articles this morning about how major soda companies, including Cadbury Schweppes PLC, Coca-Cola Co., PepsiCo Inc. and the American Beverage Association have signed a deal (by the Bill Clinton Foundation) to pull all non-diet sodas from public schools. The articles I have read have said this is a step to fight child obesity, which I think is a good step (whoa...on the same side as Bill Clinton...), but I think it is also a step to helping in the classroom as well, with ADD.

Several studies and books link ADD to sleep and eating habits. The next step for public schools would be to provide healthier meals in the cafeterias. Unfortunately, the real culprit of ADD and ADHD is most likely at home, where sleep happens and where meals happen more often. If what these studies say are true, then the solution must come from parents.

I am reminded of stories from my wife of kids she worked with in public schools, where parents were giving their kids coffee on a regular basis to "wake them up" for school, and of kids staying up until midnight or later, because their parent(s) were up partying with friends. And the same parents wonder why their kids are doing poorly in school.

FOXNews Article
MSNBC article
The article on Comcast

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Church in Postmodern Culture

I've been reading several books recently. One of them is SoulTsunami by Leonard Sweet. It's a pretty good description of postmodernism and religion, a little wordy at times, but I came across a couple good sections on the redeemable qualities of the postmodern culture and the responsibility of the church. Here is one thing he says about "spirituality".

"One of the most haunting phrases in Matthew's passion story is this one: "sitting down they watched him there" (Matt. 27:36 KJV). A lot of postmodern spirituality is nothing more than "sitting down" and watching God work...It is possible to be deeply "spiritual" and never get your duff off the BarcaLounger. This makes a mockery of biblical spirituality." (p.341)
And his great statement about what the church's responsibility should be for the postmodern world.
"One of the church's greatest contributions to postmodern culture may be its instilling in pragmatic, lack-of-sense-of-direction postmoderns a sheer love for truth, the moral banister to guide our steps up to the truth, and the ability to make urgent moral decisions even when the whole truth cannot be found." (p.342)
Will the church step up and lend a shaky moral culture a handrail to hold on to in order to stand, not in a judgemental way (the old Law was established for that) but in a loving, shepherding way?