Saturday, February 17, 2007

Scottie Pippen Planning Comeback?

Scottie Pippen Planning NBA Comeback

Apparently "retirement" means nothing anymore. I guess if you can still compete, have the desire, and have a team willing to pay you, why not? He says that he would only play for a contending team, which makes me wonder if adding him would really help any of those teams attain some sort of edge by adding him. Scottie Pippen has played for six championship teams and they have been in Jordan's shadow. Perhaps Jordan, Rodman, Kerr and all those guys should start their own team and play until they all need walkers and oxygen tanks.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


I haven't posted an update on Kori's dad recently, so here it is.

Randy had a pacemaker put in and can't drive for 6 months, and he'll have to have a drastic change in his work. The great news is that he is home and doing much better. God listens and answers the prayers of His people. We are thankful for those around the world who interceded on his behalf.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


We finally found a new place to live. We've been looking for a place closer to our jobs in order to save money and wear and tear on our car commuting, and want to get out of living in an apartment complex. We found a BRAND NEW duplex on a dead end street in a new development. It's close to the mall, and you can hear the freeway outside, but since it is brand new, and they were so well built, you can hardly hear anything from inside. Now we won't be living on top of people, or underneath people, and have easy access to the freeway to be able to get around town. I hate moving, but I'm pretty excited to no longer live in an apartment.