Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Much Needed Vacation

It's almost here. We've been planning this for several months now. We've gotten approval at our jobs. We have the place picked out and ready for us. We have stacks of books ready to pack. We're finally taking our vacation.

We have set apart next week around our one year anniversary and have been saving up our vacation days at work in order to make a full week of it. Thanks to the wife's grandparents we have a timeshare in Leavenworth, WA to ourselves, where we can enjoy Bavarian food and relax with plenty of books without having to worry about work or meetings or anything.

If you need to contact either of us, you'd better do it now, or else you won't be able to get us for an entire week, for we will be shutting the cell phones off, the internet and email will go bye bye. From Friday evening the 23rd through Saturday the 31st the Lewises will be unavailable.

Don't miss us too much.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

"Come, Follow Me"

The last couple of books I've read (besides Harry Potter) emphasized the importance of being a disciple of Jesus. Dietrich Bonhoeffer's The Cost of Discipleship gave thorough explanation about what it means to be a disciple in theory (if that's even possible) and in practice, while Brian McLaren's More Ready Than You Realize looked at discipleship from the point of view of evangelism, where we show people what a disciple of Christ looks like by following in his footsteps of displaying love and acceptance to the poor, the doubting, the outcasts and the sinful.

Both of these books gave me some incredible insight into what a dedication to following Christ looks like, and what we are called to be, from the personal and self-sacrificing to the outreaching example of love as His people and Bride. The community that I am a part of calls its members to follow in Jesus' footsteps, to give up everything and step out in faith, dedicating every part of our lives to His glory and service. There are many people in Salem, Oregon who are hurting from drugs (especially meth), broken homes, poverty, misguided ideas, racism, hatred, and selfishness. What an honor to be the bearers of love, especially when we are counted among these!

I am amazed at how often I talk about how important it is to be a follower of Christ outside the couple of hours on sunday morning, yet fail to do so all the time. How often do we try to pick the nets back up, to go back to life as we used to live? It seems so much easier sometimes to trust in our own abilities than to rely on what appears to be uncertain providence. We have a God that sent us an example of how to love, serve, speak, and live. All He asks is for us to follow Him. Of course, first He says we must drop everything we have, everything we are holding on to, which doesn't make sense to most people. When we find our hands empty, however, we are then free to grasp the reality of God's Kingdom of goodness, grace and power. It is my prayer that we are all people without nets, who will follow Jesus Christ, telling and showing the GOOD NEWS of what God has done!

As Jesus was walking beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon called Peter and his brother Andrew. They were casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen. "Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men."
~ Matt. 4:18-19

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More Proof Cats Are Evil

Upset Cat Goes On Biting Rampage

This woman's cat caught sight of another cat and freaked out, attacking and biting its owner and sending her to the hospital. I've given previous evidence that cats are evil, but this is just another example.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Lost Tomb of Jesus

James Cameron made a "documentary" on finding this tomb in Jerusalem and is assuming it belongs to the family of Jesus based on the inscriptions on it. The scholars are saying that the inscriptions are accurate. The "human residue" they use to extract DNA evidence is supposed to prove the relationship between Jesus and Mary and the tomb is also supposed to prove they had a child. One of the problems is these names: Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Judah (Jesus & Mary's son) are all very common names at the time. I guess I'll have to wait and watch it to see what claims they make. Just looking at their interpretations of the Bible on their website makes me think they're not being very intellectually honest.

The Lost Tomb of Jesus on The Discovery Channel

I put "movies" as a tag, because this is there with Da Vinci Code as far as historical accuracy from what I see so far. I'm still trying to forgive James Cameron after T3, and there's the unforgivable Titanic. This won't make me stop watching The Discovery Channel, though these days it's usually only Mythbusters with the occasional Dirty Jobs. I think this will bring plenty of controversy and debate, but then again so did Titanic.