Thursday, August 23, 2007

Three Years And Running

Another year is put down in the books of this illustrious web log. What more could I possibly do to inspire, cause people to chuckle, and bring change to the world?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Being A Good Steward

Recently the wife and I made some deciscions on how we should be budgeting our money. We decided that there are ways that we could be saving extra money here and there that we otherwise would be wasting. We also decided to put some of the money we save into a savings account that could be used for the future, for emergencies, or for opportunities to serve others who are having emergencies of their own. Several months ago we moved closer to work and we carpool to save money on gas. We started drinking more water instead of buying beverages and eat out only once a month or less. We also live close to many stores where we do shopping and end up walking there instead of driving. Even more recently we decided to spend less money on DVDs and entertainment. We hope that by making some minor changes we are able to eliminate our debt quicker and put our money toward doing Kingdom work.

We think of all of the people we know that are doing mission work, church planting, or are going through a lot and could use some serious help paying bills and taking care of their families, and we are called to do something and give to those we know who are in need. We pray these small changes are a good first step in using our finances as a tool for God and keeping them from ruling us. How can you make changes in the way you spend money and save in order to help others and be a good steward of what you have?

Having money won't make you happy. As Jason said in his sermon this morning, doing good works won't bring blessings, doing God's work is the blessing.