Monday, September 28, 2009

Wasting Tim

I've been a little lax on writing on my blog. Most of my recent writing has gone into my writing blog or into working on one of my novel ideas. This isn't to say that my ideas are novel, just that I have this strange desire to write them.

A couple of months ago, after wrestling with crashing issues on my not-so-awesome PowerMac, we finally decided to buy a new computer. For this, we purchased one as cheap as possible, which happened to be a $500 17" Toshiba laptop. Our only problem now is figuring out how to share it. We considered buying a second one, but since we are fairly frugal folks, we figured that we could do without.

Apparently, when computing becomes easier, you waste more time doing it, and it is for this reason I have been saying for a while that I "secretly" want Facebook to go away. To all of my friends playing with your mafias and farms, don't be surprised if sometime in the near future I suddenly fall off the Facebook map. It is a time sink, and for someone who has the desire to be a creator and not a consumer, I have to choose what I put my time into. Five years from now, what will I have to show for myself with all my efforts?