Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back to Writing

I'm back on the writing horse. In fact, I have written at least 100 words every day this year and posted most of what I've written each day on my writing blog. Having a day job keeps you from really getting the time in to get much writing done in any given day, but if the desire is there you can accomplish quite a bit. I have been taking part of my lunch break to jot down quick ideas into a notebook and type them out later, which gives me more time after work with my wife and when I want to just vege out for a while. Now I just need to figure out how to fit working on the novel into the schedule.

I found this piece of news interesting, especially considering how writing is a hobby of mine with the potential to be affected by it. Macmillan is a book publisher that has been slow to enter the e-book scene and recently they ran into an impass with as as far as pricing and availability of their book titles. I am sure it had much to do with Amazon's attempts to corner the market with their Kindle device, but the news came right around the same time as Apple announced its new device, the iPad, which has one of its functions to be used as an e-book reader. I have already heard enough from authors that Amazon and other discount stores like Target and Walmart have already done enough to kill authors trying to make a living by cutting down their profit margins, but it makes me more and more want to buy things from local businesses instead of from global enterprises.

On a somewhat related note, there is a growing trend of authors willing to give away their books in the form of podcasts or e-books in order to build a fanbase that is proving to actually help them sell more physical books. By doing this, they end up making the relationship with the reader a more interactive and personal thing. They are using social media in order to connect with readers on a daily basis, which gives the readers a look into their lives, that they are real people and that being a full time writer is not necessarily as glamorous as it is sometimes portrayed. For some reason I find myself still wanting to write, but I've written enough for today. And my readers can't complain as of now because sometimes you get what you pay for.