Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Facebook Games

Facebook games are more and more getting on my nerves. I've said it before that people may start to see me abandoning them, and that they are a waste of time for someone who wants to be a creator. Well, the time has come. I just deleted one of these games from my page, and there will more than likely be more to follow. When the games started asking for me to give them my email address, apart from Facebook, it made me reconsider how much enjoyment I was actually getting from them.

I'm not abandoning Facebook (yet), but my time there is definitely going to be diminishing. My Facebook posts updates from my Twitter feed, so updates are still a text message away, but this blog, along with my other writing, has suffered long enough. On the plus side, I have written at least 100 words every day this year on my writing blog. Now I need to get back to writing that novel (or the new one that's percolating).