Monday, December 27, 2010

New Toy: Amazon Kindle

This is a grainy picture of our new toy: a Kindle. It allows me to hold in my hands more books than I can ever read. Already, I have downloaded a few dozen free books that are now public domain, with many more to follow. While I will enjoy the ability to take so many volumes wherever I go with such ease, it still will not be able to replace the paper books on my shelves. You can't buy a used ebook, nor can you lend an ebook to a friend. A first edition ebook can't be appreciated, and there is no way to sign an ebook when you meet the author in person.

My shelves will continue to be full of books, but now I will have the ability to read classics for free without a trip to the library.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Dogs Smarter Than Cats

Oxford University recently did some research involving dogs and cats that lead them to conclude that dogs have bigger brains than cats because they are more sociable.

Last year, a study was done with cats and dogs (link to video) involving pulling on a piece of string to obtain a treat. Dogs were more able to figure out which string to pull in order to get the treat, leading them to also come to the conclusion that dogs are smarter than cats.

I have already said before that cats are evil, but now there is evidence that they are also not as smart as dogs.