Monday, September 19, 2011

Ethan Josiah Lewis

Ethan Josiah Lewis
8 lbs. 8 oz. 21 in.

Mom is recovering after C-section because of breech, baby is doing well, and dad is beaming with pride.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


For some reason, I like baseball movies. Maybe it is because I like baseball and I like movies.

Moneyball is the story behind Billy Beane, the Oakland Athletics General Manager, using computer-generated data to draft players. While being successful for a team on a budget, we can't forget the factor that good pitching had on the success the A's had for quite a while, especially with the trio of Zito, Mulder, and Hudson. While their pitching is respectable currently, they are nowhere near the numbers those guys had. Combine that with only one player batting over .300, it gives them a record under .500.

I still want to see this and relive the days when a budget team consistently made it to the playoffs because of smart moves and quality players.