Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Braces: The End

The braces finally came off today! I told the orthodontist about our impending move to Arizona and he said we should probably remove the braces since we are "kind of in a holding pattern anyway" as far as any additional movement is concerned. So they popped them off, scraped away the adhesive, polished my teeth, and added a permanent retainer to the back of my bottom teeth. There is still some periodontal work to be done for a slight issue with the gums around one bottom incisor, but tomorrow I get my retainers for wearing at night for the rest of my life in time for our move. Go back and take a look at the work from start to finish by clicking on the "braces" label. Not too shabby!


Rebecca said...

That's incredible. They look really amazing! So happy for you.

Weston Wadlington said...

Everyone has a different lengths of time wearing braces. Well, in your case, it took you almost a year and half. Your smile is much brighter now! You can show off your gorgeous teeth to everyone! I’m sure that after this journey, it's not just your looks that have improved, but your level of confidence as well!

Weston Wadlington @ Peak Family Dentistry

Kelline Pickett said...

Congratulations!!! I recently had two moles removed from my face and I'm probably as excited about that as you are about your braces being off. It's like a new lease on an old face!!